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Temperature now:
Windchill now:
Temperature change rate: /hr
Humidity now: %
Dew point now:
Today's max temp: at
Today's min temp: at
Today's min windchill: at
Average monthly temp: 9.9°C
12-24 hour forecast

Fairly fine, showery later - increasing clouds with little temp. change. precipitation possible within 24 to 48 hrs.

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Gust now:
Direction now:
Ave wind direction today: Northwesterly
Max gust today: at
Wind run today: miles
Solar now: W/m2 (% of max)
Sunrise/sunset time: 05:49 to 20:26
Max sun hours today: 14:37 hours
Sun hours today: 02:03 hours
Sun yesterday: 07:42 hours
Sun this month: 172:08 hours
Sun this year: 425:20 hours
Et today: 0.2 mm
Rain today:
Current rain rate: /hr
Current storm duration: 0 mins
Rain last hour: 0.0 mm
Rain yesterday:
Rain this month:
Rain this year:
Consecutive days no rain: 0
Pressure now:
Max pressure today: at 00:13
Min pressure today: at 09:49
Change in last 6 hours: -0.1 mb
Change in last 12 hours: +0.0 mb
Change in last 24 hours: +1.6 mb
Pressure change rate: /hr
Pressure trend:
Today's low temperature of -0.4°C surpassed the monthly low of -0.2°C set on 25/04/2017 by -0.2°


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