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Weather Station Details

Windows uptime: 1 Days 18 Hours 58 Minutes 47 Seconds
Weather Display last started at: 20:18:10 22/10/2017
Weather Display memory use: 212,496 K
Free memory: 6.95GB
Data from station count: 46074
ISS battery status: Ok
ISS reception: 100%

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The weather station is located in Bath in SW England, about 1 mile to the west of the city centre (Lower Weston). It has been in this location since January 2007, but was in Peterborough for 2.5 years prior to this. The co-ordinates for the weather station are latitude: 51 23 12N and the longitude is: 2 22 59W.The station is located at an altitude of approximately 30m above sea level. The approximate location of the station can be seen in the map below.The station is located on the north side of the River Avon Valley in the centre of Bath.

The data is collected via a Davis Vantage Pro2. This has recently been purchased to replace an Oregon Scientific WMR200 which served me well. The weather station records a variety of information including wind speed, wind direction, wind chill, humidity, temperature, solar intensity, pressure and rainfall. The data is transmitted wirelessly to the console which is situated in the house. The console then sends the information to the computer, where the information is processed, stored and uploaded to the internet. .All of the information is uploaded to the internet every 15 minutes. Some information is also uploaded every 10 seconds to produce virtually real time information via Weather Display Live. Weathermap Live has also been added which produces real time weather maps for the UK, SW England and East Anglia.

The Console


There are a variety of sensors making up the station. A wind vane is attached to the house and records wind speed and wind direction. The wind vane is attached to the chimney breast on a 3m pole. Despite being about 2m above the roof line it is affected by nearby obstructions and suffers from turbulence at low wind speeds. Wind direction appears accurate with average speeds of about 5mph and above. There are a variety of sensors located within the Intergrated Sensor Suite measuring temperature, humdity, wind chill etc. The rain gauge measures rainfall in increments of 0.2mm. The station includes a solar sensor located at the top of the pole which measures the strength of the sun. A traditional barograph barometer has recently been added to compare with the electronic display. A good correlation has been found.

All of the sensors are powered by solar panels with battery backups.

Davis Vantage Pro2

Davis Vantage Pro2 in the snow